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Our Testimonial

What our members says:-

Punit Kumar
(Senior Consultant in HCL technology)

"My experience with BACE was very normal until i got to stay with a non-devotee and after having the experience i found living with devotee is heave. Because we generally spent time in activities like eating and sleeping. And here we get a chance to associate with devotees who know the ultimate purpose of this human form of life which is very real on this earth along with delicious prasadam, we get prasadam for soul which is like nectar drops in forest fire."
V. Shiv Prasad
(Senior Engineer at EIL)

BACE is Bhakti Vedanta Academy for Culture & Education. When I joined in their association, It is like a drinking water in the vast ocean of desert by thirsty man. Previously I was leaving life like an animal; because of BACE value education now I am started cultivating good thoughts, feeling, habits & character. I am getting knowledge about the world around me & within me who is making me satisfied, peaceful & happy.
Ambarish Majumder
(Software Engineer HCL Services LTD)

"In normal day to day life we remain so busy with our occupational activities that we lack looking into our heart which get filled with malice and thus we remain severely frustrated. Despite doing huge progress still we see almost everyone is dissatisfied with what they have obtained. Looking into this issues will make us think that a solution is required and a helicopter view is required to get the solution. The helicopter view is seeing the things with scriptural eyes(shastra chakshu) and this can happen only when we get the opportunity to do devotee association. In BACE(Bhaktivedanta Academy for culture and education) we get devotee association for 24*7 and thus we get to learn some very intrinsic points:
  • Punctuality
  • Utilising every moment
  • Adding value to whatever we do, even our occupational duty
The following are the benefits of staying in BACE as far i realised:
  • Understanding how much unwanted things( like envy pride, anger, greed, lust etc) we have in our heart
  • Living an antiseptic life whereby we really stay free this unwanted things
  • Getting the association of wonderful seniors who preaches you by their own example, selfless friends who thinks for your benefit eternally and honest enthusiastic juniors who brings purity in your life
  • Getting a krsna conscious life which is free from meat eating, intoxication, gambling and illicit sex.
  • A loving and caring environment where everyone love you and thinks of your benefit even though possibly you have met with them the first time in your life
It’s a life changing incident staying in BACE as its a glimpse to see what we get from a spiritual life."
Jitendra Kumar Yadav
(BTECH preparing for IES)

  • Proper counselling by senior professional
  • Sumptuous and nutritious food that has been offered to KRSNA
  • Advancement in occupational life along with spiritual life
  • Getting to learn time management skills
  • Refreshing environment where we get to hear congregational chanting of Hare Krsna Mahamantra
  • Discourses and discussions on spiritual topics in adherence to scientific knowledge by which we can elevate our thinking skills