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BACE stands for Bhaktivedanta Academy for Culture & Education. Its primary objective is to train the young boys, who are the future of the society, in real culture and education. What culture and education it teaches? There are innumerable educational institutes in the city. So how is the BACE different from others?

Nowadays everyone is enamored by western culture where man and woman are free to do anything they like. Everyone's goal of life is to accumulate more money and make the life more aristocratic and comfortable with the latest technology available. Concept of work hard and party harder is very popular. Night clubs, disco theatre, bar, casinos are available in every corner of the city to facilitate sensual enjoyment outside the family atmosphere. But result is not very wonderful. Although such culture appears attractive to the modern youths, there is no peace in the society. Crime rate and suicide rate is increasing day by day. BACE does not promote the similar kind of culture. It is teaching the culture of love, compassion, truthfulness, humility, simplicity and non-envy.